Friday, March 7, 2008

A Reader's Reaction to The Lost Tribe of Us

I just received this from a reader:

"Just wanted to tell you how totally goddamned impressed I am with The Lost Tribe of Us. It¹s really quite an accomplishment. Just finished reading it front to back for the second time -- this time stone cold sober (mostly) -- and marveled at how it¹s positively fractal the way there¹s a entire life contained within the book and then sometimes within a single poem and then even a single line. Seriously. I found it thrilling.

You want proof? You know how you turn down the corner of a page if what you're reading is something you want to save or come back later to remember? Fully half the pages have already been clipped. I hope you're appropriately honored to know that it will be going on our bathroom shelf somewhere between Beckett, Bukowski and Jane Kenyon.

By the way, Christmas Poem for You is about the most beautiful love poem I've ever read."

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